*deep breath*

*second deep breath*


I always get that wrong. *cough*

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm going to talk about myself. Which is weird. I don't actually do that often. Despite this being a blog. That I write.

Whew! Let's hope the awkwardness is gone now!


1. I write.

2. No, kidding. Ignore one. I DO write. My ideas shove their way into my brain and I have a dozen files with ideas I cannot work on at any given time. My Pitch Wars entry came to me in the shower when I was contemplating an exceptional book written by someone else. Paladin of Souls by Lois McMasters Bujold. Have you read it? Because you are my kind of people if you did.

3. My ALL TIME FAVORITE series is The Ivory Trilogy by Doris Egan. I reread those books twice a year. Have you read them? (You have? OMG! I <3 you!) I have bought several used copies over the years as they are not available electronically yet. :( Oh, and, yes, they even trump the Discworld books and I total character crush on Vimes always.

4. I am a total pantser. Which means when I finish a draft I KNOW there is stuff in there I don't need or should add. New drafts and editing are crucial to my process. Some scenes I cut and save in case I need them. Others I love so much and they serve no purpose at all so I delete them lest temptation urge me to find room for them. Those scenes aren't many, but they have existed.

5. I'm not visual when I write. I do turn the music up. Each ms has a soundtrack. Sometimes the MC has their own soundtrack if I am doing a single POV story. Here is the theme song to my Pitch Wars entry: Anna Nalick's Shine. It is so the theme for this novel I can't even listen to it when working on something else.

6. I love tv & movies as much as I love books. The DC TVverse is almost entirely a must watch despite being a Marvel girl. I mourn Person of Interest, Justified, Constantine, Selfie, Firefly, Almost Human, and others. I stand by my belief that Highlander is the best film ever. It won the Academy Award for Best Movie Ever Made and everything!

7. I love Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules. Although, I lapse from them frequently in first and even second drafts. Other than my Holy Grail. Leave out the bits people skip. If I reread what I wrote the day before and am all, "Meh, who writes this crap?" then I snip it.

Because I know other people are visual, here is a reward for braving this list:

Raise your hand if you'd rather see THIS Conan again in a movie.

Raise your other hand if you think THIS is still one of the hottest women in tv and movies.

Bonus Fact:

I wrote 7 novels before I let anyone see anything I'd written. My Pitch Wars entry is number 9. I've written three since then of varying degrees of goodness. :) I don't mind if no one ever reads some of what I wrote. Just writing them has helped me improve.