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Looking back, peeking ahead

2015 gave me a lot. Here's a short list.

1. Fallout 4's Maccready. My current video game boyfriend. (I still love the previous ones, especially Baird from Gears of War.) No one who knows me is going to be surprised I especially love the funny, smart ass characters. I have always loved the funny, smart ass characters. Heck, I married one!

2. Poe Dameron. Have you seen The Force Awakens? Loved it! And Poe is my absolute favorite character. My kids asked who it would be and I told them to guess and they never did. Shawn, the beloved, did because he knows what I like.

3. The end of the Pennyroyal Green series by Julie Anne Long. Even though I absolutely loved the series. And I did. Do. That said, The Legend of Lyon Redmond was the way a series should end. (Also, sometimes, she responds to comments I make in response to her posts on fb. Do I sound too stalkery? Because, I swear am not, but I still squee when she does it.) 

4. Avon's FanLit contest. My first writing contest. I met great people through it. Helpful, awesome, supportive, talented people. Check out their pages on my Links page.

5. I submitted two different projects to two different publishers. Big step. 

6. Blog content. So much blog content! I'm glad I could do a little filling in so the first year of my blog was not empty. I still am not good at short stories, but I've had more practice and think I am getting better. It also gave me plenty of fodder (As if I needed more!) for new novels.

Here's to 2016 and what I'm going to do.

First, I've put Widowed Witch of the West on hold for a bit. I've lost the book somewhere and I write and then get stuck and then think I've sorted it out and write again, but it comes in fits and starts. So, I'm worried about pacing. And, I can't figure out where it's at or what I am doing. So, despite advice from a very talented writer friend of mine I am setting it aside undone. It is 3/4s done so I will be coming back to it. Just...not for a bit.

Instead, I've started a new project tentatively titled Fixing Broke. I had an idea this morning. I've written one chapter. I may wake up tomorrow or the next day and think it crap. Who knows? That's the fun of writing! (That is the fun, right?) 

Once this is done I'm going to either do a second project or dive into deep edits on something I finished, but want to fix. 

So, three novels this year. That's the plan. Maybe two. Depending on the route I go. 

Mad Baron's Doomed Daughter may bravely seek further rejection as well. Not right away. A month or two down the road. 

A couple of months from now I'll probably have a whole new idea about what I want to do this year. 

In the meantime, happy new year!