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What am I working on?

My amazing beta reader/editor is working his way through Siren's Call. Right now he's about a third of the way through it. What happens when he's done? I am not sure. I'm glad to have his gracious assistance because my husband is not much of a historical romance fan. It does help that it takes place aboard a naval ship. He's a huge fan of sailing ships, as am I, and his knowledge is certainly within easier recall than mine. This was my first foray in to a romance structure. My other books have had romance elements, but never have I done a book with that as a core plot. It was tough, but I'm pleased enough with it. 

I am working on book one in the Mad Baron's Doomed Daughter series. I'm planning on doing six books, one for each of the dead gods' replacements. The setting is an alternate Earth where Ragnarok has occurred. It was fun to dive in to this as it's definitely darker than Siren's Call and I tend to get a little dark in my writing so keeping that tamped down in my romance novel took a little work. Although it has several dark elements. 

And, of course, I am still learning to fine tune the website. As I'd rather be writing a book than web content this is slow going. 

Once I finish this book I am not sure where I will jump next. Perhaps I'll seriously sit down and work seriously at editing and adjusting my post apocalypse series. Which needs a name. I also have ideas for several sequels to the romance book, plus another Angels book, plus the rest of the Mad Baron series. If only I had a couple extra brains!