Here you will find an assortment of things. Amazing people and awesome things all linked in once place! This is by no means a comprehensive list of what I love and will surely evolve over time. For now, click away and enjoy!


Avon FanLit Authors

The following are some of those amazing people I mentioned above. I didn't know any of them prior to entering the FanLit contest. Now we encourage each other and commiserate together. I am listing them alphabetically because I did work in a bookstore once. 

Charlotte Penn Clark

Susannah Erwin - FanLit Chapter 4 Winner!

Jennifer Hilt

Evangeline Holland

Cassie Leigh

Margrethe Martin

Cate Moyr

Eve Marie Perry - FanLit Chapter 2 Winner AND Grand Prize Winner!

Anne-Marie Rivers - FanLit Chapter 1 Winner!

Liana de la Rosa - FanLit Chapter 3 Winner!

Laura Jill Somers 

Cherilyn Tapper - FanLit Chapter 5 Winner!


I have so much love for a good webcomic. Here's what is currently on my Must Read List. Alphabetically once more.

Broodhollow is on a hiatus, but there's two books worth to tide you over. Creepy, dark, fun, and an adorable sidekick. Eeee! 

LunarBaboon will make you laugh. Sometimes it will make you get all teary. If this comic doesn't touch you in some way, you may be the undead. Please go see your doctor. 

Rock Cocks is, well, so very NSFW! It also has great characters, amazing art, fun storylines, and...well, like I said, NSFW. Hot comic goodness, folks.

Schlock Mercenary has over a decade of daily updates to read if you're new. Space Opera goodness in paneled form. Schlock is like a totem animal. Not to me, heavens, no! I'm much to sweet and nice and not dangerous at all.

 Wilde Life is about a writer who moves to Oklahoma and rents a haunted house off Craig's List. Also, there's big red werewolf named Clifford and tons of other great characters. I have so much love for this comic. SO MUCH LOVE. I just...I don't know if we can be friends if you're not reading this. ;)





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