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My Type of Guy

I read a fair amount, not as much as I want to, and I write...not as much as I should. ;) I also play video games. Oh, and I have been married for 14 years. Shocking! All of these things have one particular thing in common.

I gravitate towards the good guys. I have no intentions of going Rogue in Division. If I have a choice between two options in a game I always go with the one I find morally acceptable. Even though it is "just a game."

The types of characters who often wind up sidekicks are my favorite. You know, the character in the book who stands by his/her best friend and has a funny line and encouraging word always? SWOON. And, yea, I totally root for them to get the guy/girl even though I know it won't happen. Because, they are almost always the good guy. The nice guy. The dependable guy. Oh, and sometimes the dead one depending on the type of book. A GOOD death is as satisfying for me as a hea for my favorite character. Please note: A GOOD DEATH. Do not get me started on Wash. Hated how he died. In my head canon he does not die at that point.

So, the anti-hero trend....the dark brooding alpha male...these do nothing for me. Criminals? Nah. Nice guys* next door make my heart flutter. Which is why, I admit, the last two times I've watched Star Wars I've ignored the parts between when Poe is gone and he returns. Lovable X-Wing fighter than he is and always shall be!

Which is my the heroes in my stories almost always have that one thing in common. They are the good guys. Because, well, good guys make me hot. And, the way the world is somedays, a lot of days, it's nice to be able to write about people who do the right thing and get rewarded for it. Escapism? Hell, yea. What's wrong with that?

So, there you go! Fair warning. No brooding love interests here. And, yes, adorable husband IS one of the nicest people I've ever known. Considering the pure chance of our meeting I count myself lucky every day. :) 

*Guy does not necessarily refer to a male. I never limit my options on hotness! :D