The day still involved laundry. I have two boys and a husband. The day ALWAYS involves laundry. :)

I did take the day off from frantic preparation for Pitch Wars. I frantically do most things. It doesn't mean anything. I just enjoy the rush of panic. Yes, I waited until the night before a paper was due in school.

Today, rather than haunt twitter hashtags or decide if this one word should be changed or hammer away on my synopsis I opened a clean file.

And, I wrote a short story. Yay me! It's about the same character I mentioned before. So, probably not going to post it. Because, I need to write the novel between the first short story and the second. Which I started, but I started it wrong. Even though there are lines in it I adore. Time to kill all of it and start fresh.

And, umm, no, it's not the historical romance sequel. I am still working on that as well, but I'll switch back and forth. It won't be hard as the characters are SO different. And some are not human. So, yea, there's that!

All of that to say, I feel great! I enjoy making something as close to perfect as I can, but I also like to just make something. My brain demanded this and I gave in. I <3 my brain.

3200 words of fresh stuff. How exciting!

Next week? Vacation! Leaving laptop behind. Will bring Nook. It is loaded with lots of awesome new things to read.

OMG! I can't wait to show someone what I wrote today! Time to pester certain friends and the husband for an opinion.