So, seriously, don't read my thoughts on the finale if you have not watched and are worried about spoilers. We good? Carry on!

I loved the less than linear bits and seeing The Machine's exploration of moments in time. Yes, knew who the kid was before they said. Husband and I both thought the actor did an amazing job without doing anything but stand quietly. He instantly reminded us of Reese.

I find it hilarious that the NYPD never figured him out until they were tipped off by Samaritan. Mostly, I loved that bit because I adore any chance to see Fusco interact with other members of the team. His whole arc is one of the best ones I've seen on tv. When they finally brought him into the fold I was so amazingly happy. He would have been an easy character to kill and I am glad they did not do the easy thing. Because, he deserved a happy ending. I like that he is back on the job and you know he's going to be a good cop.

So much love for Reese and Finch and both their goodbyes. I've been rooting for a Reese death from the beginning because that is how they wrote him. Despite there never having been a hint of him talking to The Machine about saving Finch I totally bought the two hatched up a plan to save him. The Machine loves Finch and Reese loves Finch and they both believe the world needs him.

I've said before, a good death is as nice as a hea for a beloved character. Thanks to the writers and producers for giving him that good death. Yea, I sobbed like a baby multiple times in the show and that was one of them. And how great was Amy Acker as The Machine? Her standing behind Reese at the end? A great image.

Shaw killing Blackwell! I squealed. A great gift to a character who deserved to do what she wanted. Her telling him the people who were better than her were dead and then shooting him? Loved it. Especially since we know she knew Fusco was alive. But, I believe he'd have no problem with her shooting the guy who tried to kill him. Who was a bad guy. Who he would have to decide what to do with like the agent he left in the trunk.

Shaw and Bear, walking off into the sunset, made me smile. Because she was always in it for the dog. The phone ringing was perfect. I don't need another series because my head canon has Shaw and Bear helping more numbers. Along with the other teams. Ok, I'd love a spin off with the team we met in D.C. But I can happily write stories for them in my head.

Finch and Grace. THANK YOU! Thank you for NOT taking the route of no happy endings. There's such a thing in pop culture now where a show is considered less for giving characters happy endings. Finch and Grace together is what I wanted to see.

I am glad they did not kill everyone. It makes the death diminished if everyone joins in on the game. Reese's death had the full impact. Root's death before, was the same. Carter's death, Elias' death, all of them MEANT something you don't get in a bloodbath.

In conclusion, I have placed the POI series finale at the top of my list. Right along with Justified. They share spot one. The Shield is number two. Not that I thought it any less, but I was so emotionally exhausted by the end of the series I just...I can't! :D Still a great ending.