Yesterday I was contemplating what to work on and for some reason I pulled up a recent project I'd tossed into the archives to languish until I knew what to do. Yes, I am speaking about Widowed Witch of the West.

The first draft is done! 91k words of garbled mess, but done! I won't be looking at it for awhile. In fact, I may not look at it again until I find fresh eyes to give me an opinion. Because I think I know what is wrong, but I'd like to see someone else's opinion. So, interested in beta reading a mess? Because I'll happily brace myself for scorn and ridicule. ;) So long as it is helpful.

Finished, even with the series finale of Person of Interest *sniffle* and time to level my secondary character to 30 in The Division. Will be posting up some thoughts on the POI finale later today. It will be spoilery.

To close out, here's one of the final scenes in WWotW. Aoife cannot catch a break, but she does catch the hot marshal. :)

“The crown.”

“Is of no concern to us. Your kind have always bickered. We will stand not in your path, but neither will we assist.”

“And if I become the monster I believe myself to be?”

“You will be dealt with.”

“You would- would make him do such a thing?” It would break him.

“Indeed, witch queen.” Sarcasm it could manage. “A compelling reason to hold your more bloodthirsty desires in check.”

“I don’t need a hostage to my impulses.”

“Don’t you?”