The point where I realize I need to move on and get back to work. As I've mentioned, we had a family thing. My father in law died this month. It was a relatively quick thing, but it resulted in my mother in law being laid off as she had to be home to care for him these last couple months. Between helping her out, deciding how much and when to tell the kids about their grandfather, and helping Shawn stay on course so his work (the job that pays all the bills) doesn't suffer I've gotten behind on everything. Which, fine. I'm always going to put my family first even if I lose a month and a half of work. In the end, I'm going to believe my priorities were correct.

We're slowing normalizing with things the way they are now.

So, it's time to quit playing quite so much of The Division and other video games and get back to work. Want to know how I know it is time? Because half the time we play now I am busy writing backstory and adventures for npcs. Clearly, my brain desires more work. Who am I to argue with my brain when it finally engages?

This all, of course, led to my spending the morning sorting out this annoying bug on the computer. But, it seems to be as sorted as it can be and my music plays again so I am calling it a win and moving on.

Now to finish sorting out Aoife's motivation and wrap up her story.