Blog posts come more frequently when I am not feeling like doing what I should be doing.

For shame!

Now that I've worked the kinks out of WWotW I am itching to get to the end and write. Because, the ending I see so clearly now is:

A. Hot.

B. Bloody.

C. Life altering for all involved. Especially those who have none when I am done. ;)

D. Magically Epic.

Except, no one else will SEE the ending if I don't fix the plot first. Darnnit! I tinkered today, but mostly made notes to use for tomorrow. Except! Tomorrow is my birthday! So, the odds of my being good and working are slim. So, FRIDAY! I have a list of scenes to make changes to and will get those done. If I get to work I can have the basic changes done by the end of the month and finish the first draft. Too exciting!