Despite my chosen hermit lifestyle, I enjoy being around people. It's fun to talk and listen to other people talk and then tell them goodbye and return to my air conditioned hermit cave. I especially like the talking part. I love to talk. Loud talking as I share stupid jokes and stories about how I was tormented as a child is a thing I love above all others.

Seriously, do not ask about the slide incident. I was so viciously wronged on that day I still have not forgiven family members. You know who you are. Wait, do ask, because I love to tell the story! It's hilarious. No, it's not.

Shawn, the beloved man who puts up with me, once told someone I have a book of grudges. He's correct. He can get furious and then get over it, but I remember always. I don't DO anything about these wrongs, but I do remember them! More stories to tell, after all. With much emotion and gnashing of teeth do I love to tell these stories.

In person.

Online, I do prefer to be quiet. I join groups on Facebook and follow people on Twitter and even have this blog. None of which I actually talk on much. I like to read what people say and occasionally read what other people say out loud to my husband. Especially funny tweets as he has only recently taken up FB reading with any regularity and still never visits his twitter page.

Considering my current hermit status in real life I think it would be a boon to switch these up. I would rather avoid people IRL as I so rarely come in contact with people outside the family. If I lived in a bigger town with more options for delivery of items I might never step foot outside. Then I could be funny and interesting and, well, louder online. Where I feel I should be louder because people should find me interesting so when I publish a book they want to see what that interesting person wrote!

Alas, I think I am a hopeless cause. Which is sad considering I met my husband on the internet. Back before that was a socially acceptable thing. It's a funny story. If we ever met I would love to tell it to you.