Twitter is something I've avoided for a long time. I truly feel that society trying to carry on conversations with a hard character limit is bad. B-A-D. We should be encouraging people to be verbose and explain themselves!

That said, Twitter is a useful tool and I've taken the plunge. Find me there @PeggyLeeCarpenter. Truly original!

In other news, I've taken the plunge and have entered Pitch Slam. I've submitted to both the Pitch and the First 250 rounds and been a lucky lottery winner for feedback in both. Let me tell you, writing a 35 word pitch is HARD. Thankfully, I received awesome feedback and hope my pitch is better now! I'm awaiting my feedback for the first 250 words of my book. Follow #PitchSlam on Twitter!

Wednesday is the full round where selections are made to be shown to agents who are participating. It's my first contest and I'm excited and nervous. I'm super thankful for the feedback and it was well worth it even if I don't make the final round.

Siren's Call is out still with Avon. I'm using The Mad Baron's Doomed Daughter for Pitch Slam. Can I just say...I really love these two books. I look at them and see how much better I've gotten since I started seriously writing about three years ago. There's a long way to go to be great, but right now I am pretty darn happy with looking at my stuff as being good.

So, that is where I am at as October rolls towards the inevitable Halloween conclusion.