What a month so far.*

I'm waist deep in this year's Nano project. A western, fantasy, romance adventure! Widowed Witch of the West features an Irish witch recently widowed from her husband who is...well, that's a secret. There's also a US Marshal who is much too attractive. Oh, and lots of dastardly villains!

A new book store (I know, right!) is looking to get funding on Kickstarter. Check out  The Ripped Bodice on Kickstarter in the next 48 hours and help them get their final 4k to open an all romance bookstore in Los Angeles. I know, alas for the rest of us, but they promise a webstore as well! You can even jump in at a generous 5k and name your own water closet. Come on, that's awesome. 

Five amazing authors and one incredibly original story! That's right, the Avon FanLit novella releases next week. Pre-order your free copy here. Or anywhere else you purchase your ebooks. Want to know even more about the authors who crafted this very cool story? Visit my Links page and check out the authors. They're putting up behind-the-scenes posts on their own blogs to tell about their FanLit experience. Follow these talented women NOW and you can say you were fans before they were famous. 


*I know. A lot has happened in the world. I'll be keeping my opinions to myself. I discuss current events, politics, and religion with family only.