November is here. I've written 2k words on my project, The Widowed Witch of the West. I wanted to get a bigger start, but we spent the day with the kids doing stuff. I want a nice big start because once Fallout 4 comes out I'll be splitting time.

Switching from a short story a day to a full novel is a little trying, but I expect to be back in the swing of things real soon. For now I'm letting the scenes meander a bit. It can be fixed in editing and I may find something else to use in there. Plus, I like this character so I am letting her take control for a bit. The Oracle wants to stretch her wings, haha, and pester Aoife and since they're stuck on a train I may as well let her.

At least, I let her today. Tomorrow I'll rein her in. I want to get to the heist tomorrow. What heist? You can find out once the book is done.