I've been meaning to do a blog post. I keep telling myself to sit down and do it, but then something else goes wonky. Speaking of which, I still need to get back to laundry!

But, after this!

So, I know a lot of shit is going on in the world, but I maintain a politics free blog. Not because I don't care, but because I don't believe the internet gives birth to rational conversations about certain topics. It's one of those things I'm likely to be more open to discussing in person with someone I know at least a little than with the internet peoples. And I love my internet peoples!

Ok, that's out of the way!

What am I working on right now? I'm still furiously editing Mad Baron. I've fallen behind, but that happens. I shall get caught up once more! My eldest had his first date with a girl who is a friend. They attended the winter formal together. Super adorable. He styled in a three piece suit. He cleans up well, like his dad. 

See how I tangented off? I've been doing that a lot.

The beloved husband wants to work on something with me. We're currently in the planning stages of a fantasy trilogy. There will be fancy clothes, sword fights, and daemons. It's exciting! Or, it will be when it is done. Right now it is a shared notebook of scattered notes.

That is in addition to Mad Baron. Because, I have not given up on this story! It's just taking some time to rewrite. Because I dropped a POV character. Argh! And changed up the whole beginning. And switched positions of characters.

This March, we will be heading to Costa Rica for a week. Beloved husband won an award at work and we will be going on their dime. I will not even be bringing a computer with me. Other than my phone and I don't write more than notes on my phone. 

If I get these three scenes I am working on done, I am going to write a short story for my blog. Since I missed so much in December. Think I might do my month of short stories earlier in the year. Pre-flu season and all!

I hope you're doing well and I <3 you even if we disagree on things.