Yay! I may be pretty over my pumpkin spice addiction, but I still love pumpkin ice cream so rejoice! Also, it is finally cooling off here in Oklahoma. Thank goodness!

My dogs are enjoying the cooler weather. Emma, our eldest, will be taken off some of her meds now that summer is over. Ellie is not such a fan of winter, but will be glad when we are firmly out of thunderstorm time.

The kids are back in school. Things are going... well. Yes, that was cryptic. I am a mysterious woman!

Or, not so much!

This week is going to end on several high notes! First up is the Donner Party Reunion Tour from American Murder Song.  This year's costume is based on the song below. If they're playing near you, be sure and spring for a ticket. As awesome as their music is, the live show is 1000% better!

Get Tour Tickets Now: http://AmericanMurderSong.com/GetTickets Get The Complete AMS Experience on DVD & CD: http://bit.ly/AMS-Set These fine ballads of Murder are also available wherever you buy music iTunes - http://bit.ly/AMS-itunes-Donner-Party Amazon - http://bit.ly/AMS-amazon-Donner-Party Google Play - http://bit.ly/AMS-google-Donner-Party CD Baby - http://bit.ly/cdbaby-Donner-Party Or our website: http://AmericanMurderSong.com/music For more on American Murder Song, be sure to Follow The Mark: Facebook - https://facebook.com/thekillingplace/ Spotify - http://bit.ly/ams-spotify Twitter - https://twitter.com/thekillingplace/ Instagram - https://instagram.com/thekillingplace/ American Murder Song is a collection of original murder ballads by Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, the star of Repo!


Saturday we're driving to Muskogee to take the kids to the Castle in Muskogee for the Halloween event. We have passes to all the stuff that shouldn't scare them. Or me. I am a wuss. 

I'll write up both events next week! And might have decided what Nano project to work on by then. And, I have decided on my December project for my blog. Yay!