I am the worst person possible to be helping eldest plan his first middle school report. Because, alas, for him my approach does not work for him. So, I had to sit down and help him with organization. I do not organize. Even in school I sat down, yes, at the last minute, and wrote. My brain doesn't work unless there is total chaos within and without.

I was not the best student in the world. ;) I got good grades, but I was not a good student. Me and traditional schooling are oil and water. Hence, the lack of college graduation. I grew bored, then annoyed, then stopped going.

So, what does all this have to do with writing? Specifically, my writing? Well, it means this:

I am planning the FOURTH attempt at a beginning for Mad Baron's Doomed Daughter. The first was wrong. The second not much better. The third seemed to work, the people who read it said it worked, it did not work. The shred of doubt was always there. But, I had nothing else.

Now, I think I know what to do. The beginning is the weakest part of the story. In my opinion. The few other opinions garnered didn't quite say that, but I sensed dissatisfaction. So, I will work on Beginning Number Four which will require twisting a few things around in the full draft. Scenes will need to be moved or removed as with the new beginning they will be unneeded.

I think I am excited. ;)

It's hard to say.

Work... Sheesh! :D

I cannot start until I finish reading and offering sage advice to someone else who entrusted me with her ms. (Is NEEDS MOAR B00BS a valid critique? How about NEEDS MOAN PEEN?) I'm not going to say either. I'm asking for a friend. A pervy friend. Not me. I am not like that at all! Just ask the beloved!

Ahem. Where was I? Ah, yes!

New beginning. Which means wip will sit on hold for a bit. Which is ok as I am still researching books. There's no title for the new project. The draft is called Juggernaut. The plot is there, the characters are getting fleshed out, but the pacing will require more research. Thank goodness my Nook is loaded and ready!