Sometimes things hit you and you're all, "I can deal." Then four more shoes drop and you realize a celestial spider is raining footwear on your parade. Damn that spider!

I've had several family emergencies hit lately and it's sapped my will to do much of anything. Still, the kids need clean clothes, as do I, and everyone including the dogs insist on being fed. So, I move a little more slowly with household chores. I do get them done. Eventually.

Now, to be fair, most of the stress has fallen on my husband. He is a rock and will endure and still be the freaking adorable smart ass I married, but...well, that's the main source of my stress. Worrying over him. It's always been that way. I may stress over outside situations, but nothing compares to worrying over him or the kids. Well, the dogs sometimes top them all, but if you've met my dogs you understand why. My dogs are adorable! ;)

The dog part may not be true.

It may be true.

I refuse to say.

Here's where I stand coming up on the end of the first quarter of the new year.

1. Mad Baron's Doomed Daughter is undergoing another round of outside eyes. I still hate XXXXX (in case they read this blog I don't want to taint their opinion) and will rewrite it no matter what feedback I get.

2. Widowed Witch of the West languishes with about 10-15k to the finish line. So close, but I so totally despise every word (thank you, stress inducing celestial spider) it is hard to work on it. I have a goal to finish the first draft by the end of the month. I WILL NOT work on anything else until this first draft is finished.

3. I kind of really want to write the next book in my historical romance series. Working title, Circe's Promise. Because I am on an Odyssey kick. There's a cyclops in book three! Book four is a real Odysseus kind of tale.

Truthfully, with all that's going on, I may not write anything else new this year after WWotW is finished. Instead, I might focus on reworking several existing projects. Like Tesia's book. I also might not.

Right now my focus is on finishing WWotW. I will do it!  Because not finishing it is not an option. I've only ever started and left one novel unfinished and I don't mean to make it two!