It's been forever. I apologize. Things have been crazy hectic. My AC was out for most of the summer. It was repaired and they did not hook something up so part of my bedroom ceiling collapsed. It is repaired now, courtesy of the AC folk. Oh, and my sister came to visit and I met her husband and saw my niece again. They were only here for a few days, but we had to straighten the house and all.

Oh, and poor P Dog has been in the Cone of Destruction since she will not stop getting hot spots. Poor dog! Luckily, she doesn'tmind at all. But, she does smack you in the back of the knees or butt if you're not fast enough to get out of her way. 

I've entered Pitch Wars this year. Second year. Whee. There's lots of helpful stuff if you follow that link! 

Widowed Witch of the West is my entry this year. I know, I'd nearly shelved it, but a couple of people I trust said that was not smart. 

I am working on a new project. Tentatively named: Sanguine Road. For now. It's vampire UF and I'll post more about it coming up because I'm excited!

Also still tinkering here and there with my superhero project. I'm flipping between plotty stuff on it so not too far.

Oh, and I've also written several more Copper and Riona short stories. I love these characters SO much, but don't want to write a book for them. Instead, I'm hopping in and out of their lives and doing short stories I might collect and release togethersomeday. It would be a lot of fun and is a shame to keep them to myself. Maybe when I hit 10 I'll do a collection. 

That's about it! The boys are gearing up for school in less than 2 weeks. Both of them in middle school! Scary! Oh! And waiting for Destiny 2 to release. And for the Xbox One X to be available for pre-order! 

AND! Time for another American Murder Song show. I am all..... So ready to see them live again. Donner Party Reunion! Going to be able to use most of last year's costume. Need a new hat and skirt to go over petticoat.  

And that's it for now! Check out the somewhat redone website!