So, the flu has hit the Carpenter house. The kids are on some flu medicine after separate trips to urgent care because, of course. :) The beloved has been struck down as well. I am pretty ok. Superior genes and all. ;) Also, I tend to run last in the queue of illness. Everyone says I sound sick, but what to do they know? Sickos.

Everyone at Christmas was sick. So, I did not feel too bad about hauling my flu kids over to their grandmother's for the holiday. They made out like bandits. They always do! I didn't do too badly.

Merry Christmas! Which is what we celebrate although in a pretty secular way. I hope everyone enjoys whichever holiday, or none, you might celebrate this winter season. Personally, I'm more of a solstice person. The kids might celebrate with me next year. Even though it is not a present holiday.

So, as the flu runs its course I've had to halt stories. :( But, with three people sick, not counting the dog who is still on antibiotics and steroids, I am running around twice as much.

Blarg! As the beloved said to his youngest daughter, Merry Effin' Christmas!