I've been pecking away at the rewrite of Mad Baron's Doomed Daughter. It's coming along slowly, but I'm making progress 100 words at a time. Once I get past the beginning I'll be able to rewrite more. I'm not sure if that will make it easier.

Things around the house have been their weird, transitional time of year, hard things. My eldest started middle school and my youngest, being only a year younger, feels put out. Hey, I've been there. I know it sucks. My own older sister only had 15 months on me.

And, clearly, I have always been smarter and more capable than her. :) I can say that because I don't believe she's ever read this blog. And, if she does, who can argue with the truth?

The worst part of the dual schools is that I spend an hour in the car every day now. Youngest out at 3, oldest at 3:30, but to get parking I need to leave a little after 2:30. The excitement of my life...

So, there's been shit going on. Of course, we all have shit going on in our lives. It's no excuse. For now, I am happy with my glacial progress on the rewrite. It does mean I am likely to miss out on Nanowrimo. Which makes me sad. :( I can't, I just can't, stop and work on something new when MBDD is in a state of limbo. I would like o have the first draft rewrite done and in the hands of betas before November. I would also like to be done with this latest draft and be querying again by next summer. I'm being generous on the timeline as shit always happens. :)

There are three other projects I'd like to be working on by then as well. There's my historical sequel, my paranormal book, and my fantasy version of one of my favorite shows set during the collapse of the Roman Empire. Oh, and I wouldn't mind getting back to Aoife and Ransom someday and fix their story.

I think that's it.

IF I can get MBDD completed and to betas I'm planning another short story project for my blog. Not quite like last year's December Project, but more than my Nano prep week of stories. I'm still mulling ideas.

When not working on Disa and Sorvjorn.


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